Friday, February 8, 2013


Motif challange #2
Dylan's HDT, he's 6 and loves doing crafts with me, I let him dye thread one day and showed him twice how to do it so he took over, when it was all done I asked him what he was going to name it?  He looked at me and as a matter of factly said Ampie, hummmm, Ampie?  You need another name, and again with the matter of fact said it's my thread, I dyed it and I get to name it and it's name is Ampie, so thus Ampie thread was born.  Size 20  I still have more to post and more to do.
These three pics. go together.

Motif challenge #3

 My HDT size 30 just chains and flowers or loops.  These three pics. go together

Motif challenge #4
My HDT size 30



  1. Nice ornaments!!! :)
    Oh, you should have explained that the grandkids call Grandpa-Ampie and so the Dylan's thread is named after his grandfather. :)

    1. Guess I've heard him called Ampie so long that I never gave it a thought. Thank you for pointing that out.

  2. Cheryl, they're all adorable! I love the name Ampie. It's unique, and that's what counts.

    If you're able to come to Tollway Tatters, I hope you'll bring some of these beauties along to show us!

    1. Can't wait until we can come to Tollway Tatters again, guess it's going to depend on the weather and right now for me the money. I'd love to show the things I've made as I feel the things I make are looking better as I go, guess that's called growing, or learning.