Wednesday, September 19, 2012

All tatting to now.

25 Motif Challenge #9

                                            When I was just learning, made a mistake so decided
                                             it's going to be a necklace.

                                                         25 Motif Challenge # 10
                                          Just starting out with a mistake, necklace here we come.


                                                              25 Motif Challenge #11
                                            Another mistake and going to be a necklace

                                                          25 Motif Challenge #12
                                           Hey, last mistake necklace, (for awhile)

                                                   25 Motif Challenge #13
 My daddy's got blood cancer and not expected to live long, I say he's  in God's hands.  When I showed this to him and said it was my own pattern and I was going to name it uncontroled choes, he said it looks more like tottaly controlled choes so it's tottaly controlled choes.  Thanks Daddy!

                                                          25 Motif Challenge #14
My pattern, It looks like a spiral, violets in the snow, that's what Sarah (God's kid's daughter named this one).  Sue said I need to get on learning patterns.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Welcome to my Blog

Welcome to my blog.

                                                      Chain turned into bracelet

                                                                   My first pattern

                                               Chain I turned into a heart card for my husband.