Wednesday, September 19, 2012

All tatting to now.

25 Motif Challenge #9

                                            When I was just learning, made a mistake so decided
                                             it's going to be a necklace.

                                                         25 Motif Challenge # 10
                                          Just starting out with a mistake, necklace here we come.


                                                              25 Motif Challenge #11
                                            Another mistake and going to be a necklace

                                                          25 Motif Challenge #12
                                           Hey, last mistake necklace, (for awhile)

                                                   25 Motif Challenge #13
 My daddy's got blood cancer and not expected to live long, I say he's  in God's hands.  When I showed this to him and said it was my own pattern and I was going to name it uncontroled choes, he said it looks more like tottaly controlled choes so it's tottaly controlled choes.  Thanks Daddy!

                                                          25 Motif Challenge #14
My pattern, It looks like a spiral, violets in the snow, that's what Sarah (God's kid's daughter named this one).  Sue said I need to get on learning patterns.


  1. very good Cheryl. Yes, now you need to learn to read patterns.

    1. Thank you. I know I need to learn, I'll make that my next project.

  2. Your Controlled Chaos looks really neat and I am glad your dad named it!!! :)
    And I really like what you have done with the new doily, Spiral Grape Vine, of your own design!!! :)
    And yes, you do need to start working patterns to get good at them and then when you learn some more techniques in tatting then you can go back to designing your own patterns. And I really can't wait to see what things you end up designing when you have more tatting practice, techniques, and quality threads!!! :)

  3. Thank you for you beatiful words, I'll make a pattern one next, can't promise that's what happens, I just always have made my own in everything I did. Yes, I'm also working on the good threads, I know they look so much nicer.

  4. Hope you enjoy the doily patterns and I sure hope you master that one little motif you are working on, but if not, just move on to something else. :)

    1. Thank you teacher, I'm working on the little one, then onto the one I got from you today. You're awesome!!