Saturday, December 22, 2012

Passed on

Just wanted to let ya'll know that my daddy went Home to be with our Lord yesterday afternoon.  Dec. 21, 2012.  Right now I have no intrest in anything, Praying this anger goes away so I can get back to my life.  Thank ya'll for your Prayers and thinking of me and my family through this time.  God Bless and keep ya'll safe this Holliday Season.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

60's Blast, & just thrown together, & truth and lies, thread. Heart

60's Blast
My tie dyed by me, named by my husband.
Comes in size
10, 20, & 30
I just sat and started tatting to show what this 60's blast looks like done, the top is like that for a place to hang up, wish I'd have done it like the rest, guess it's not to bad.
This is done in size 30, my tye dyed 60's blast, with a little do dad that I received in the mail
This is also my thread,
Truth and Lies
From a line that I'm going to start of things
My Daddy's taught me.
I Love my Daddy!!
This comes in size
10 & 20
He always said to tell the truth so you don't have to remember the lies, also that you're as good as your word.  Look at how the black runs into the white, showing that lies spread faster than the truth.
The heart is to show how a lie can turn the best heart black with hate.
Thank you daddy for all you've taught me, I Pray that you can teach me some more before it's to late.
Motif #22? 
(Guess I need to go check)
I really like not having my picots even it gives it a frilly look.  Done in size 20, and my tye dyed thread of truth and lies.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tye-Dyed threads, by me, and suncatcher.

My first attempt at coloring my own threads,
Tye-Dyed (thank you Toll-Way-Tatters for the idea)
This batch is called Easter Parade.
                                                                        Motif # 21?
                                                    Sun catcher done with my Easter Parade.
                                                                   Thread size is 30

My grandson, Dylan age 6, he's going be my little tatter, his dad says NO!!  We'll see bout this.
This is a project I started but didn't like the way it was looking so he took it over, kept showing me (with loads of excitement) how good and how far he'd gotten.  He loves doing crafts, wouldn't it be cool if he does get into it?

Friday, November 30, 2012

Blessings from Toll-Way-Tatters

I don't have all of you, please check out my page and add me.  Then  I can check out your work, I love seeing what new ideas eachone has.
I received these Tue.. The card and Cross were such a Blessing from ya'll, thank you all so very much!

My son brought in the mail today Fri. and there was a little box,  with the name Carol Perry and Toll-Way-Tatters this is what I found inside.  Thank you so much.  These shuttles have become my favorites, I love it all, I just made up some tye dyed threads and already have an idea for the silver doo- daad.  I needed more bobbins and your timing was great!  I just want ya'll to know that you've lifted my spirits when I need it most.  God Bless All of you.  Praying for a safe Christimas for you and your family.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Messed up pieces placed for show

Still working on these
 I've taken all my mistakes (most all) and after Sue and I had talked back sometime ago about fixing some cloths to display our work, I came up with this,  My trade mark is glow in the dark paint, to glue them on and desided to add some flare to them and make designs out of mistakes.  Might I recomend that if you try this don't dry in the dryer as it dries out the paint and it starts peeling off, I hang them up to air dry so they last.  I love to design my own so you may not see to many patterns done by me as I have always done my own ideas.  Always for as long as I can remember (even as a child) have come up with my own ideas.  It's not that I don't know how to read patterns, just don't like to copy others as it seems to take away from my creating.  Have a Blessed day.
(I feel the need to explain something to ya'll) I know I've already posted that my daddy has blood cancer and is dying, he doesn't have much longer with us so I really haven't been doing alot of tatting, am however tring to get one special Christmas gift finished).

Friday, November 9, 2012

tatted ring

25 challenge # 19
Found this ring and thought that would be beautiful tatted.  I was wrong!!  Waiting on my size 40 to arrive then I'll do it again.  I used size 20 Lizbeth thread white and Autum orange, thought about making little bee's but just not diggin this one at all.  Guess I'll wait and see what comes of it.  Maybe I'll do another one and wear it on the other hand as a hand warmer.  JK.

Monday, November 5, 2012

My own Angel design

25 Motif Challenge # 16
Wanted to make a bug, I kept seeing an angel, wanted to make a bug, didn't happen Sue and  I saw an  angel so guess that's what I was suppose to make.  Made with cheap thread.  And once own pattern.  Guess it's time to start recording with my voice to be able to wright out my own patterns.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

25 motif challenge

25 Motif Challenge #8
                      17 feet 4 inches of garland, size 20 on shuttle 10 for tatting Lizbath thread.


                                                          25 Motif Challenge #9

Using big black button (first time doing a botton) cheap thread, (don't know the color name) wall hanger.  I wanted the ruffle effect.

Friday, October 19, 2012

25 Motif Challenge # 1-5

25 Motif Challenge #1 
Just finished this Christmas Angel Oct. 19,2012. I used Marilee Rockley thread size 20. I had bought this angel in 2001 at a Flea market in FL, just found it in my craftroom the other day when I was looking for more things to use for tatting. I want it to go in the 25 motif challenge as my first one but not sure how to go about it. This is all done in chains and picots.

25 Motif Challenge #2 along with the one below this one
 I did this suncatcher (my 6 year old grandson Dylan said I like your snowflake)  It may not be a snowflake but seeing that's what he saw that's what I'm calling it.   Oct. 20, 2012, used cheap size 10 thread.  Yet another idea that came from my head.  This is one side of it the pic. below is the other side, done in 3D, almost forgot that part of it.

                                                             25 Motif Challenge #3

Another suncatcher size 10 store bought.  Yes, another out of mind experance.  I haven't forgot that I'm suppose to be learning patterns,  Let's finish the other 5 projects I'm working on, yes...all  Made this one, Oct. 21, 2012.  Done with cheap thread.

                                                            25 Motif Challenge #4
 This is my LasVegas showroom girl, Idea came from my head.  I used Marilee Rockley size 20 hand died thread.  Thinking of glueing this hat pin to my tatting bag?  Did this Oct. 20, 2012.

                                                        25 Motif Challenge #5
Green Christmas Mix, Lizbeth thread size 20.  Done all in one piece.  This one I played by ear, started it Oct. 21, 2012, (at night) finished Oct. 22. 

Monday, October 15, 2012

25 Motif Challenge # 6 & 7

25 Motif Challenge #6

 I had to have a chain for my Dacolores Cross so I went to Walmart and bought two white (pearl) necklaces and tatted the chain.  I used size 10 Lizbeth Scottish Thistle, I didn't care if it twisted in fact that's what I was hoping for.  I made this in three days, Oct.13-15.

                                                            25 Motif Challenge #7
                                                  "AMUSEMENT" DOILY
This is a pattern that Sue (God's Kid) gave me to do to learn patterns.  Okay, for the pattern I was working on, ta-da, here it is.  I started out with Lizbeth size 10, Ocean Sunset for the first three rows, then I messed up and didn't relize  it until I was 1/4 of the way in it, then it hit me, the whole row was smaller, yes, I grabbed size 20 of Lizbeth Spring Flower, guess I may have to make another one and do it right.  Thank you Sue.  Yes...I still have to do the ends.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tatted chain necklace

25 Motif Challenge #8 along with the next one as one.

This is also the same first pattern, with playing with doing chain.  I didn't know they had a book out for doing the chains.  I really like playing around and figuring out my own ideas, although I do want to learn how to do more so I can do more.  Guess once I finish my other chain I'll get back to working on patterns.

The bottom of the chain is the first pattern I ever did, I ds chain in every other hole, did half at a time, then turned it around and did the other side, no pattern, just thought it was a cool idea.  I used Lizbeth size 10, instead of using glue I used glow in the dark paint for cloth.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

All tatting to now.

25 Motif Challenge #9

                                            When I was just learning, made a mistake so decided
                                             it's going to be a necklace.

                                                         25 Motif Challenge # 10
                                          Just starting out with a mistake, necklace here we come.


                                                              25 Motif Challenge #11
                                            Another mistake and going to be a necklace

                                                          25 Motif Challenge #12
                                           Hey, last mistake necklace, (for awhile)

                                                   25 Motif Challenge #13
 My daddy's got blood cancer and not expected to live long, I say he's  in God's hands.  When I showed this to him and said it was my own pattern and I was going to name it uncontroled choes, he said it looks more like tottaly controlled choes so it's tottaly controlled choes.  Thanks Daddy!

                                                          25 Motif Challenge #14
My pattern, It looks like a spiral, violets in the snow, that's what Sarah (God's kid's daughter named this one).  Sue said I need to get on learning patterns.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Welcome to my Blog

Welcome to my blog.

                                                      Chain turned into bracelet

                                                                   My first pattern

                                               Chain I turned into a heart card for my husband.