Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tye-Dyed threads, by me, and suncatcher.

My first attempt at coloring my own threads,
Tye-Dyed (thank you Toll-Way-Tatters for the idea)
This batch is called Easter Parade.
                                                                        Motif # 21?
                                                    Sun catcher done with my Easter Parade.
                                                                   Thread size is 30

My grandson, Dylan age 6, he's going be my little tatter, his dad says NO!!  We'll see bout this.
This is a project I started but didn't like the way it was looking so he took it over, kept showing me (with loads of excitement) how good and how far he'd gotten.  He loves doing crafts, wouldn't it be cool if he does get into it?


  1. Your colors do look really great!! :)
    Hmmm...Dylan tatting? I think I will stay clear of him with a shuttle. :D
    He's such a sweetie though!! :)

    1. Thank you Sue, but...you know Dylan and how much he loves his Sister Sue. :-) He's really careful when he's tatting, but when he's with his nanna he know's he'd best toe the line...lol.

  2. Lovely! That's something I probably will never try, but I enjoy seeing what others come up with. Great colors together!

    1. Thank you Diane, :-) It just hit me one day. My daddy's birthday is today, so it's ruff, but came up with a line of threads of things he's taught me. He told me today he won't be having anymore, ouch! So what better way to honor him for all he's taught me. Now all I gotta' do is find out what to charge for them. Having to much fun with this tatting stuff, more fun than any other craft I've done. Usually I'd have become board with it. Pleasent tatting. :-0

  3. The thread looks wonderful Cheryl!
    Dylan is a cutie! That would be fun if became a tatter. :o)

  4. Hey Jess, I'd love to send you your choice of one of my threads to thank you for the order that you did my threads for me. :-) Please send me your address? I don't want to take advantage of you on your knowledge of selling threads, but I don't know who else I can ask. My threads measure 80" (100 yards) how much would I be able to sell them for?
    Dylan is a cutie, thank you. I'd love to see one of my grandchildren to learn, granddaughter got board fast with it, Dylan seems to stick with one thing he really enjoys for sometime. Maybe he'll be the one
    :-) Pleasant tatting. :-P

  5. that wasn't suppose to be a toung at you it was suppose to be an o mouth. Sorry Jess.