Friday, February 8, 2013

The last of my 25 motif challenge

Just going through my finished projects in tatting, or knotting.  Figured I needed to get back on my feet and post some more of my designs.
  # 20 done with my HDT size 30 then using a side can opener I glued it on then put glow in the dark paint and a magnet on the back.  It's my Springtime with a field of flowers, and rainbows, and a butterfly.  Just another of my ideas come into play.

# 21
This is another of my HDT didn't come out the  way I had seen it in my head, just another atempt.  Size 30

My own HDT and just playing around came up with this.  They say pratice makes perfect.  Size 30
Now this heart was so much fun to make as it's done in size 30 my own HDT only with a twist, I used majic markers (perment) I just put dots all the way through the threads, it was pretty enough, but when I sprayed the secented ironing stuff on it it exploided with color, I think I just may be onto something here.

This is my HDT I call it our colors do run because once I rinsed the thread the red and blue ran like crazy.  This is also size 30.  My six year old grandson (Dylan) likes the star.
This was done with a do-dad that I received in the mail, don't know how I got it to come out just the way I wanted guess you don't look at it that way, you just say great job and move on.  My HDT size 20

This is done in 3D effect, just playing around with some crazy ideas.  This is Red Hearts size 10

Also a lid from tomato can, HDT black and white Size 20


  1. Nice! It's about time I got to see all you have been working on! :)

    1. Sorry Sue, don't mean to disapoint you but you still haven't seen all I've been working on, just didn't feel like posting more right now.